Milton Keynes Documentary Family Photographer

As a documentary family photographer, my aim is to capture the beauty of the everyday day in an honest and creative way. There’s no posing or direction from me, just beautiful light, unique compositions and meaningful moments. As a mum of a very active and curious toddler, I know how difficult it is to get children to sit and pose for photos. By allowing kids to be themselves, I’m able to capture their true personalities and tell your family story in an authentic way.

fun creative reportage family photo shoot



The family photo shoot will usually last around 2-3 hours. Although the thought of being photographed for a few hours might seem a bit daunting, it's not as awkward as it sounds, I promise! I'll be playing with the kids and chatting with you throughout to make the whole process feel as natural as possible.

I'll arrange a call or zoom in advance to find out more about your family and what you're hoping to capture. This helps me put together a rough plan for the day so we can the most out of your documentary shoot. The first step is working out what activities you'd like to include. This could be anything from making lunch together or heading out for a family bike ride. It doesn't have to be anything too adventurous but having a structure helps the shoot run smoothly. Documentary photo shoots depict family life just as it is, so pick the ordinary things that you love to do together.

Time of day is an important thing to consider when planning your documentary session. Making breakfast together and a trip to the playground are great activities for kids that are happiest in the morning. Some parents prefer to have part of their daily routine documented like dinner, bath time and reading a book before bed. Whatever you decide, I'll come up with a plan to get the most from your family photo shoot.

When adopting a photojournalistic approach, having a few activities planned helps the session to run smoothly. Here are a few of my favourites:

At Home

If you have very young children that are happiest at home or if the weather isn't looking great, there are still plenty of activities to choose from:

- Making breakfast/lunch/dinner
- Baking and decorating cakes
- Drawing, painting and other crafts
- Reading books together
- Building a fort
- Pillow fight
- Bubble bath
- Bedtime routine

Staying Local

For those who like spending time as a family but want to keep the shoot local, there are lots of activities on your doorstep:

- Bike ride
- Scooter
- Fly a kite
- Feed the ducks
- Trip to the playground
- Jumping in puddles
- Woodland walk
- Picnic

On Location

If you have older kids, a family day out might be a better way to capture them at their best. Here are a few examples to choose from:

- Beach
- Bowling
- Arcades
- Ice cream parlour
- Farm or Zoo
- Funfair
- Theme park
- Castle or Manor House

baby laughing in the bath


If the shoot is taking place at your home, I'll ask for some photos of the most used rooms so I can work out what time of day will give the best light. Don't worry if the house isn't spotless - the photos are supposed to be a true depiction of family life - but as a general rule I recommend putting away anything you'd rather not see in the photos.

boy playing with dinosaur


After the session, I'll pick the best images, colour correct them and put them in a gallery for you to review. Depending on the time of year, this process usually takes around one to two weeks. Additional digital images, prints, frames and albums will all be available to purchase online via the gallery which can be shared with friends and family. Digital images can be downloaded in web size for social media use or high resolution if you want to print them.