I’ve seen wedding cakes evolve a lot over the years from naked cakes to cheese cakes. There are so many choices out there so I asked a few expert cake makers for some advice on how to choose your wedding cake. 


With so many things to do it can be difficult to know at which stage in the planning process you need to book your cake maker. Helen from Iced Delights Cakes had some insights into when you should start looking.  

“It used to be the case that wedding cakes are booked fairly last minute in the wedding planning timeline, however we have found that our couples like to get organised and secure their suppliers much sooner. We’re taking bookings 18 months in advance. We always say, if you like our work and love the taste of our cakes, your deposit secures us for your day and all the finer design details can be worked out nearer the date if you aren’t ready to commit to your wedding cake design that early.” 

Helen from Iced Delights Cakes | @iced.delights.cakes |


It can be difficult to establish a budget when there is so much choice out there. Debbie from Amazing Grace Cakes has some tips when it comes to working out what you should spend. 

“There is a cake for every budget, however, if you are going to a bespoke wedding cake maker expect to pay much more than supermarket prices. Many cake makers will not only design and make your wedding cake but also use top quality ingredients and provide a liaison and delivery service to your venue. French Macaroon favours, biscuits, cupcakes, cake pops and other treats can also be provided by a wedding cake maker so keep this in mind when factoring cost.” 

Debbie from Amazing Grace Cakes | @amazinggracecakes_uk |


When I was planning my wedding, I found it really difficult to decide on a design because there were so many beautiful cakes out there. We also ended up with a whole tier that was untouched because we overestimated the size we needed. Luckily it turned out to be the perfect treat for friends and family at our post wedding barbeque! 

“I always tell couples to choose a style that reflects your personality and that you will be comfortable with – go with your gut instinct! 

There are a few other key factors you can consider when deciding on your Cake design too: 

  • The venue ambiance and decor  
  • Your colour scheme – The bride’s dress, bridesmaids dresses, flowers, themes 
  • Where the cake will be displayed in the reception room 
  • Cake flavours 

In terms of size your cake maker should be able to evaluate the size of the cake based on the design and number of portions needed. It’s good to remember that not everyone will eat the cake unless it’s being used as dessert so bear that in mind when you’re discussing size.” 

Amanda Reilly | @reillycakes |

Debbie from Amazing Grace Cakes recommends taking into account the following when it comes to choosing a design: 

  • Wedding colour Scheme – colour of your floral bouquet or bridesmaids dresses for example 
  • Type of wedding flowers – you may wish sugar peonies to be present in your design. 
  • Style of Wedding Dress – Lacey, satin, chic, couture. 
  • Both of your favourite colours, hobbies, TV Shows/Dramas, holidays 
  • Anything personal that can be replicated in sugar and featured on the cake. 
  • A personalised cake topper 
  • Your story – a personal story to be featured pictorially onto your cake or to feature hidden moments from family and friends. 

For all those brides looking for something other than a traditional wedding cake, Debbie has suggested some great alternatives:  

  • Cupcakes  
  • Doughnut tower 
  • French Macaron Tower 
  • Temari Ball Cakes

Debbie from Amazing Grace Cakes | @amazinggracecakes_uk |


Picking my cake flavours was by far my favourite part of the wedding planning process!  Here are some tips about choosing your wedding cake.

“If the cake is 3 tiered then a good idea is to choose a flavour each then jointly pick a flavour that your guests will like. If you have any dietary needs ie. gluten free guests – then you could make one of the tiers gluten free. Make sure though that this is discussed thoroughly with your cake maker.”

Amanda Reilly | @reillycakes |

“Ooh flavours! Our couples tell us one of their favourite parts of their wedding planning was their cake tasting! This is essentially a tea and cake date, but with ALOT of cake! We are generous by nature. We always find couple discovering a flavour they initially discounted after trying it. Our advice, it is your wedding cake, choose flavours you love, and your guests will almost certainly love them too!”

Helen from Iced Delights Cakes | @iced.delights.cakes |

“Popular cake flavours are the Blueberry and Vanilla, Raspberry and White Chocolate for example but the choice is totally yours…it’s your day and your cake to enjoy.”

Debbie from Amazing Grace Cakes | @amazinggracecakes_uk |


With so many suppliers out there it can be difficult to find the right person for the job. Debbie from Amazing Grace Cakes has some advice about choosing a cake maker. 

“Search online for a cake maker local in your area and make sure they have the necessary skills, insurances and have been registered with environmental health in order to make your cake. For example, a cake maker which features only buttercream coated cakes may not have the skills required to make your wedding cake. A good cake maker should be able to show a variety of cake styles and skill sets, have a fabulous portfolio and provide excellent customer service.” 

Debbie from Amazing Grace Cakes | @amazinggracecakes_uk |

“Start with anyone who has been recommended to you or use the recommended supplier list from the Venue if you don’t live locally. Book an Appointment with a few cake makers if you’re unsure who to use. Meeting them is invaluable with making the final choice.” 

Amanda Reilly | @reillycakes |


Many brides often turn to social media for inspiration but there are lots of ways to get some ideas for cake designs.

“Inspiration is all around you! It’s in your flowers, stationery, bridesmaids dresses, venue etc! We always post our designs on our Instagram account, although Pinterest is also a great starting point”

Helen from Iced Delights Cakes | @iced.delights.cakes |

“When you discuss styles of wedding cake with your cake maker, have some inspiration pictures handy of items you would like to see featured on your wedding cake. This could be in the form of lace from your wedding dress, a geometric pattern from your wedding invitations or flowers from your bridal bouquet.”

Debbie from Amazing Grace Cakes | @amazinggracecakes_uk |


I asked Helen, Amanda and Debbie for some final tips and tricks for choosing the perfect cake.

  • Dietary Requirements – Keep in mind any dietary requirements of your wedding guests. Are there any with a certain allergy or intolerance. This is important to discuss with your cake maker at enquiry stage. 
  • Additional Costs – Delivery charges and any cake stand hire fees would also need to be discussed at enquiry stage. 
  • Research – Ensure your wedding cake maker can fulfill the design they offer you by providing pictures of the previous cakes made. 
  • Kitchen Cake – Adding a “kitchen cake” for extra portions instead of an additional tier will keep your costs down. 
  • Dessert – Using the Wedding Cake as your dessert – this will also help with your wedding budget 
  • Location – Choosing the right location for the cake – make sure there are no visible sockets/fire extinguishers/marks on walls etc which will ruin the photos! Also check that the cake is not in direct sunlight. 
  • Cake Stand – Check if a cake stand and knife is included in your wedding package. If so make sure the stand in good condition and that it is the right size and design for the cake.  
  • Save some for me! – Ask the caterers to keep some cake back for you as I often find that the bride and groom miss out on the cake on the day. 
  • And Finally…Always save a piece of each tier for the next day to enjoy with a cup of tea! 

If you have any other suggestions about how to choose a cake for your big day please leave your comments below. 




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