Most people can’t stand having their photo taken – myself included – and brides often feel apprehensive about how they’re going to look on their wedding day. It can feel very daunting especially when our Instagram feeds are saturated with pictures of beautiful people with model-like features.  Bride’s often assume the people I show in my portfolio are naturally confident and comfortable in front of the camera but this is absolutely not the case. It’s a photographer’s job to make people appear that way and it’s all done with some beautiful lighting, a little direction and a genuine connection between me and my couples. I thought it would be helpful for all those people who are nervous about getting in front of the camera to read some tips on how to look good in your wedding photos. 


It can feel overwhelming when it comes to picking a dress or a suit for your big day. We all want to look our best but people often underestimate how important it is to feel comfortable. You don’t want to spend your day pulling your dress up, feeling constricted or worried about stacking it in those beautiful 6-inch heels! If you’re uncomfortable it will most definitely show in your photos so pick an outfit that you know you’ll be happy in all day. 


Most of us rarely have professional hair and makeup done so it can feel strange when you’re used to doing it yourself. Pick suppliers that know how to enhance your beauty and embrace your style rather than concealing it. You want to look like the best version of you on your wedding day, not a different person altogether. Make sure one of your bridesmaids has some lippy and powder for touch ups throughout the day. 


This is more of a practical one but standing with your weight equally distributed between both feet can look very unnatural and stiff. Put your weight on one leg and push your hip out slightly for a much more relaxed look. 


The quality of the light has a massive impact on how you look. A great photographer will put you in the most flattering light and will pose you in a way that draws attention to all your best features. This is easy for portraits but there are some parts of the day where photographers don’t have as much control. For more information see this article about planning for the best light on your wedding day. 


Another thing that can help you look good in your wedding photos is to ensure you allow plenty of time in your schedule for each part of the wedding. Aim to be in your dress an hour early to avoid feeling rushed and don’t try to pack in too much portrait time. It can make you feel overwhelmed and take over the day. For more information, here’s an article about scheduling your wedding photos


If you’re nervous about being in front of the camera, the best way to alleviate that pre-wedding stress is to practice. Engagement sessions are a great way to find out how your photographer works and it also gives you an opportunity to let them know if there are any angles you don’t like.  Read this article for more reasons to book an engagement session


I know how difficult this one is, especially when so much planning has gone into the day but now’s the time to relax and enjoy it. If you see a photo of yourself looking happy and care free, you won’t notice if there’s a hair out of place. Don’t be too self-conscious about your hang-ups – we all have them! Trying to disguise a double chin or hide your teeth will just make you look and feel awkward. Let your photographer know if there’s anything you feel self-conscious about and they can direct you. Photos aren’t just about capturing how great you look; documenting real moments has the power to take you back in time so you can relive how it felt on your wedding day.